Will There Ever Be A Normal

After this year no will ever be able to say 2020 was a boring year. In fact it has been quite the opposite so far. This is the first time in known history where the world has had to work together on the same problem. That problem being the world pandemic Covid-19 or the Corona Virus. Only in movies and television shows have we seen the world locked down in a quarantine state such as we have these past eight weeks. Since the prophets of old like Daniel and John have we been so fascinated by post apocalyptic life and in some ways we have come very close to those measures.

We have seen thousands of people die world-wide from this virus. Businesses, schools and entertainment venues shut down to slow the effects of this virus on the public, while families and small businesses take major financial hits. People are being asked to stay in and remain distant from each other yet we were made to be communal. We’ve seen basic supplies horded by some and resold for personal gain and yet will claim we are in this struggle together.

There are many who struggle with loneliness and they are filled with a house of people. How do they get help for their depression? There are those who are hungry but their fridges and cupboards are full. Who will fill their soul? And many are angry and want answers for what has gone wrong yet they make their inquiries on message boards across social media with no help to be found. Where is their hope?

People fighting in grocery stores and shooting down young men going for a run are just a few of the examples of how our ugly side has come out during this time of tense frustration. But with every bad there is always greater good.

Although there have been thousands of deaths in the midst of this turmoil, there have also been hundreds of births brought into this world. For they are the hope of a new beginning. In the sadness of jobs loss we have seen people extend love and generosity in various ways to their neighbors and people in need. And even though we are asked to maintain a level of social distancing we have found new ways to touch one another without physical contact.

Celebrating weddings, graduations, birthdays and other special life events through car parades and multi-media functioned devices have now become our new norm. We have learned to adapt. We have learned how to overcome. And we will learn to thrive again!

So. . .the question is this. . .will there ever be a normal again? When will things get back to the way they used to be? And my answer to that is, was there ever a real normal?

Throughout this whole experience I keep hearing the lyrics from a popular song run through my head. “I see your true colors shining through . . .” That seems to be the reoccurring theme throughout this pandemic. We are all under the same stress at this time and respectfully some of us may have more on our plates than others. But no matter how much stress is applied it seems “our true colors (have been) shining through”. So, if our true nature is revealing itself now, then what were we showing before all of this happened? A mask? A facade? Or maybe we haven’t changed at all? Whatever the case might be, I’m not sure going back to normal is always the best.

As we hopefully emerge out of this chaos in the next few weeks I hope we each take stock in the time we spent secluded as I have and question whether or not we will come out of this better, the same or worse. Because either way we look at it, there will be no more normal. That reality has change and something has been put in its place. Change is inevitable and it begs to ask the question will we grow with it or will we still be looking for good old normal.

God bless you and continue to be safe. Cheers!


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