In The Waiting Room With God

I do not like waiting rooms! Which should be of no surprise since we do live in a world of instant gratification. We want everything handed to us now and we don’t like to wait for it.

The very thought of waiting in a “waiting room” is even beneath some of us. You come in with your insurance, you expect to be seen with no delays and get healed; but that is not quite the case. Today’s media has gotten us so fooled into believing that everything happens at this fast paced tempo that we start to treat everything in life like an In and Out Burger joint demanding immediate service and in some ways we start treating God the same way to.

I am sad to admit I am guilty of doing all of the above. I’m impatient in the waiting room, I am not fond of being put on hold after they answer the phone and say hello and I especially have a hard time waiting on God to move on my behalf. I am not good at sitting in the waiting room with God. I get antsy and pace. I often feel the need to do something to move His work along because I feel like it’s not moving fast enough. Why can’t we wait? Why must we have the answers now?

Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know for me it has to do with control. I don’t like to relinquish control. My inability to release control is a deeper issue of trust. I’m afraid of trusting God with my life’s decisions. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

When I don’t trust God I am simply saying, “Hey God! I know what’s better for my life than you do.” And that right there is a very dangerous place to be. It is that kind of thinking which leads one to a spirit of pride (and as soon as I said this I could hear James Earl Jones’ voice in my head making that comment). Pride is what lead Satan to his downfall. He thought he knew better than God. He thought he could be better than God. “Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall,” Proverbs 16:18, NLT.

But thanks be to God He doesn’t leave us in that state of mind. He promised in I John 1:9, “that if I confess my sins, he would be faithful and just to forgive them and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.”

Lord, I am sorry for being prideful and thinking I could handle life’s problems on my own. Forgive me for thinking I knew how to orchestrate my own existence better then the creator. Help me to rely on you, to hear your voice and move according to the truth of your word. Lord I believe, but help my unbelief. Grow my faith in you, so that I am anxious for nothing but instead praying about everything telling God what I need and giving Him thanks.

I’ve been saved for over 40 years and I’m still learning new things about my relationship with God and in the end the waiting is worth the reward of seeing God work through you for a bigger purpose. Be blessed!


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