Nathan (affectionately known as Lil’ Nate) began his years of ministry in the red bricked store front building that housed his grandfather’s North Philadelphia congregation, Mitchell Baptist Church. There he accepted Jesus Christ, as his Lord and Savior at the early age of six and immediately began serving the Lord as an usher. He soon went from being an usher to directing music by the age of 11. Growing up the son and grandson of pastors, Nathan was exposed at an early age to the ups and downs of ministry and despite its challenges he still answered the call.

In the early years of his father’s ministry, as an associate pastor, he was called on to provide worship music for services when his father went out to speak. This meant he and his siblings along with his mother always had to be prepared to serve at a moment’s notice. Often times rehearsals took place in the car on the way to church as they figured what songs to sing and which sibling would play the piano. It was in these moments that Nathan learned how to improvise and think on his feet and depend on the Lord to help him through difficult times.

Soon after, Nathan would be introduced to a man that challenged his perception of ministry forever. His high school music director, Raymond Fitzsimmons, took him under his wing and shaped him as a musician, a leader, an educator, an administrator and a man of God. The disciplines he learned from Mr. Fitzsimmons would carry him through his career. Eventually it opened the door for him to be mentored by Dr. Alfred Lunde, Dean Emeritus of the School of Music at Carin University (formerly Philadelphia Biblical University) who in turn opened the door for him to grow in his gifts throughout his university years until today.

Presently Nathan is a member of the Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor Matt Mylin located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is currently preparing to return to Vienna, Austria to serve as a Global Partner, where he will serve with Vienna Christian Center spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.