Global Outreach

American Christian Youth Chorale (ACYC)

The American Christian Youth Chorale (ACYC) was the first large scale ministry outreach I had ever been exposed to. This group was an international collaboration of teenagers that used music and drama to minister the message of Jesus Christ to the world in churches, schools and other public forums. Our tour group was composed of 28 teenagers that traveled from Maine to Florida in the course of a month and a half. We were lead my by Dr. Greg and Elizabeth Goida the organizations leaders. This opportunity exposed many of to open air evangelism for the first time in our lives as well as stepping into roles as of leadership within the group. It also created life-long friends and ministry connections that I still follow to this day.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Teams

In 2005, the Southern Pan Handle was devasted by the destructive force of Hurricane Katrina. Many organizations rose and answered the call to assist their fellow Americans in need by offering relief help to the area. I went down with my church as many did but I didn’t stop with one trip, I kept going back because there was a greater need that had to be repaired. There were broken hearts and a sense of loss hope in the lives of those in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Something as simple as sitting and talking with someone was more impactful than hanging drywall somedays.

Outreach to Italy

I had a brief opportunity to minister with Tim and Jacki Faulkner and their children in Naples, Italy. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to work with a Tim, a former co-worker from college, in a new environment and experience what it’s like to see a young family raised on the mission field. As a team we got to experience the everyday struggles and joys of working in the field with our limited language skills at hand. I learned a great deal about being flexible and balanced from Tim and Jacki, especially when coming alongside of those in leadership in a foreign country.

Outreach in Bridesburg

Bridesburg is a part of the city of Philadelphia, which is 45 minutes south of our suburban church in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our teens were going to do some summer ministry with a church we started partnering with but I was unable to be on the trip with them, instead I was put in charge of the administrative duties for the trip. This allowed me to connect our team with their parents at home while still giving them the experience of being in the field. This also challenged me in my other gifts such as organization and delegation of work. Even though I was not with them team daily my work behind the scenes made it possible for them to minister effectively.