The New Resolution

Welcome to the Year 2021 ! This is where you jump up and down in sheer excitement over leaving 2020 and its mayhem behind. But as you can see from the news concerning the continuing Covid-19 death toll raising and the unruly protest in our Nation’s capital, that we clearly did not leave everything in the past.

In fact, I’m sure many of you probably even made New Year’s Resolutions to direct your focus in a positive light, but may I offer a suggestion instead . . . . Just Become Better!

My challenge is simple. If we each strive to become better, then we will have done half the work of changing this world. There has been moments when the stress of life has brought out the worse in us all. But we cannot allow fear and anxiety to cripple us. We must hold onto what brings us joy and strive to share it with the world.

The Old Scottish poem, Auld Lang Syne, has become a traditional song that we bellow into the night as one year ends and another one begins. This song is played every year but I feel as if we have forgotten what it truly means. The first line states, “Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind. . .” This is a reminder that we are starting over and we need to lay to rest our past grievances and work towards a new life. So, I implore you my brothers and sisters, let us throw off the chains of the last year and step into the light of liberty. We can do Better. We must do Better. Let’s Become Better Together!

Continue to strive for peace and share the love of Christ where ever you may go. God bless you!


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