Spiritual Insight

In a Sinner’s Eyes

*This poem was written in 1996 and meant to be put with music.

The sun shone brightly that afternoon high up in the Galilee sky

Three sorrowful heads hung low that day for they knew this was their end

As they nailed two of us to a tree hoisted above the world to see

We had no remorse for the things we did

For as we hung upon the cross, looking down the dusty road

The one said to be the Messiah came struggling with his heavy load

Then he stumbled to his knees

His body aching, begging and pleading for this burden he could no longer bear

Then they yanked a man from the road side, and said take this cross on high

Where Jesus would unjustly have to die

Jesus, a man from Galilee

Came to Golgotha to be thrown upon a tree

He bled, he died and he suffered

All for the sins of man

And all he wore was a sheet and a crown of thorns upon his head

We both felt the pain, as they drove the nails into his hands

They plunged the cross into the earth ripping flesh and bones apart

Then they pierced him in his side, releasing his rich life line;

Which was the blood he shed for you and I

They laughed, mocked and scorned his name as he hung upon that tree

While his mother stood there looking on crying for her first born son

For I had glanced to the side to see, a sight I never thought would be

But Jesus, King of the Jews, was smiling at me

I said, ”Lord how can this be, that a man about to die; can sit here and smile at the ones, who hung him on high?”

Then he said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

As I gazed upon his gaunt and mangled face, I could not even find a trace;

of the guilt that should make this man worthy to die.

Then in a faint and silent way my soul could hear him say

“I came that you may live and in living that you may have life”

Yes it all made sense, why my soul was at rest and my desire to sin was no more

For I had experienced the Messiah that prophets spoke of, the one who would set the captives free

Then through his dampened eyes, down into my heart

He said these words that faithful night

And you shall forever be with me in Paradise

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